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Welcome to our website! At Strictly Sound Services, Inc. our goal is to “Bring presence to your images in order to enhance the viewers experience” for the last 30 years and into the future.



Proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise and cross-media growth strategies.

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What We Do For YOU!

Given the opportunity to bid on a project we can provide all of the latest state of the art audio equipment and staff needed for your shows at a better price than Wexler, Bexel & Gothom Sound. We are prepared to provide you with one phone call all of your Audio needs. As we have done successfully in the past, I can provide your Audio Dept Staff and or Equipment within your Budget Requirements. "Strictly Sound Services, Inc." is a Full Service Audio Company with well seasoned crews in Miami, LA and NY, ready to hit the ground running as well as the latest state of the art audio equipment to record and deliver your show. Strictly Sound Services, Inc. will also be responsible for Accounting/Payroll services for all that is audio, Provide General Liability and Workers Compensation and Manage Scheduling and Hiring of the Audio Dept. This will allow for your Production to have a more efficient and cost effective experience when it comes to Sound Services. We are also very well capable of taking these Services on the road with a traveling show. Should you have any questions, please call or write. To book a crew, supervisor, mixer and or audio rental equipment, call 786-443-1347 and ask for Steven Blanco.


Strictly Sound is growing again, God is good. I’m also grateful to those Executive Producers, Directors, Line Producers, Producers, DPs, Camera Ops, Fellow Location Sound Supervisors and Mixers, Coordinators and you know who you are that Call back and or make referrals… Thank you for your trust. My associates and l appreciate the opportunity you give us at Strictly Sound Services, Inc. to serve you and your shows one episode at a time.

Post Production

Collaborate with emmy award winning sound editors in producing the final product or scoring your latest film. If you need more… we have it!


PRODUCTION Award winning sound production team with talent in all television genres. We feel sound is more important than ever in production. This is why our team does not just suit up and show up. We deliver decades of exeperience to your production. Just read what our clients have to say in our review section.

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